Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As I Waited...

This afternoon I needed something to keep me occupied while waiting for the 'surprise' to be posted on the Beyond The Farthest Star wall, but was also looking for a way to stay away from the computer. I wandered into the kitchen, but knew it was no time to even consider attempting to cook. Those who have known me longer know that I am 'unskilled' in the kitchen. (Tonight's menu became Slightly Blackened Chicken as I attempted to answer some people on FB. I do tend to lose interest while cooking.)

While waiting on yet another pot of coffee to get ready, I happened to think about something I read on most home fires starting due to clogged dryer vents. I had just cleaned the kitchen, except for the little area where the washer and dryer are, so why not finish? How difficult could it be to clean a vent?

I pulled out the filter, and cleaned it as usual ...after getting out the clothes I had forgotten were in the dryer. I put my hand in the opening and could feel more lint. It was worse than I expected, but I had some time to work on it. I pulled out more lint and plunged my hand back into the opening.........

After a few panicked seconds of wondering how I was going to explain to the 911 operator why MY HAND was stuck in the dryer...or HOW I would call since my phone was not in my pocket... I managed to free it! Okay, so I needed to take a different approach. I still had confidence.

Next, I decided to pull the dryer away from the wall, knocking down several things on a nearby table. Those items, including a candle in a glass jar which shattered all over the floor, were merely a temporary defeat. After sweeping, I resumed the task at hand, and continued to pull the dryer out.

There I discovered all manner of things that had disappeared in recent months...including many of the socks I had unjustly accused Cody of losing. In my defense, I still have to look outside for discarded socks, shirts, jackets, etc. he has removed but not brought home! Nothing like scouring the neighborhood playground, friends yards, the roof (he has quit throwing things up there...I hope!) before doing laundry.

I had also accidentally disconnected the vent from the dryer, but that seemed like it would work in my favor. I got a clothes hanger to attempt to get out more lint. I went as far as I could from that side and then tried the same from the filter section. Since I was unable to remove more than a little, I came up with a brilliant plan to just turn the dryer on:

Now I have a pile of broken glass and other trash, socks and other assorted items which must have been left on top of the dryer at some point in time, 91 cents in change, and....a kitchen COVERED in dryer lint!!

And that is why I dislike waiting!! :)


Sonja said... got something done! Just think of what you would have not accomplished had you just sat there. :)

deborah_seeley said...

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy! You are such a trooper! Look at it this way, lots of material for a book! LOL! <3 it!

Jason said...

That is funny!