Sunday, December 17, 2017

Altar Egos Digital Download

Pastor John (Robert Amaya) has a dream of reaching out to potential new members by making a few changes ... including updating the 🎄CHRISTMAS PAGEANT!! Mary Margaret (Sallie Wanchisn), the choir director, immediately calls for a boycott by the choir...and for a Pastor Search Committee to be formed!! As his wife (Erin Bethea) helps by lining up interviews, Pastor John tries a different approach. Pulling son Jack (Max Morgan) into his scheme, they use Jack's theatrical make-up from his school play to create colorful characters to gain insider info. Toss in Jack's co-star (Lindsley Register) whom he has a secret crush on and her man-crazy mom (Victoria Jackson) and you have a sure-fire recipe for humor. More than just a comedy, though, the film touches on some deeper issues too. Read my review from last August: Altar Egos review.

Bridgestone Multimedia Group just released this clip from the film:

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Merry Christmas!!

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