Sunday, September 3, 2017

Call For Prayer This September

Today, September 3, 2017, has been declared Day of Prayer for Texas, following the tremendous impact felt by Hurricane Harvey as it swept across SE Texas, leaving a path of devastation as record flooding went across the land. I know I joined a multitude of others in praying for those who lost so much more than I can imagine, including loved ones, and mourned with them. So many others have had their lives changed as well. Property is replaceable, sometimes repairable, but it's not as though we should treat these losses as trivial. This is a time to reach out to others to give them hope and help in rebuilding. This is who we are as Americans.

To hear the news reports and read social media posts, we are a country divided. To be sure, there is an anger and bitterness among many just as there are the gloaters on the "winning" side. There should not be winners and losers when it comes to our country. Shouldn't we have the same goal? Of course, there are issues that will always separate and divide us, but our words should not always belittle others. Compromise is not always possible when people completely disagree, but hatred and acrimony resolves nothing.

Hurricane Harvey did demonstrate again that we can come together as a nation when disaster strikes. Many people who were unaffected by Harvey still pulled together whether it was physically going to the distressed areas or sending money and other donations via charitable organizations. And...we prayed. 

Do you remember the days and weeks following September 11, 2001? Just as vivid as the tragic images are the ones of my fellow Americans coming together as one people in love of country and each other. And...we prayed.

Marlene Salcher
Marlene Salcher, the author of “God Speaks to Me? Tuning into the Living God” and leader of prayer groups for over 20 years, calls on Christians across the nation to follow the scriptural mandate to repent of their sins and call on God in remembrance of 911. Many Christian leaders have issued similar challenges in previous years, including Anne Graham Lotz and Michael Youssef. “I ask that September 11, 2017, be a new beginning for Christians to pray every day for our nation until we see revival and a return to our Christian heritage,” challenges Salcher.

Just as we pray today for the Texans who underwent damages by a weather event that was unprecedented with record rainfall, America is under an internal assault like any I have ever witnessed. Today I encourage all Christians to accept Salcher's challenge to let September 11, 2017 be a new beginning of prayer for our nation. America needs Revival and Restoration and a Return to our basic values and heritage. Through God, this is possible.

To read more about prayer advocate Marlene Salcher's Prayer Challenge: September 11, 2017 Prayer Challenge

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