Friday, February 17, 2017

When We Last Spoke by Marci Henna

Humor, heartbreak, and triumph are served with whipped cream and lots of local nuts in this heartwarming tale of family, friendship, and forgiveness in Fireside, Texas.

Meet Juliet Cranbourne, local radio personality and owner of a whimsical kitchen gadget store, and her sister Evangeline, a fruit tree geneticist who works for Oregon State University.

When a rift due to their orphaned past affects their sisterhood, Juliet convinces Evangeline to come home for Christmas and choose headstones to honor grandparents Walt (a tenderhearted, good looking rancher) and Ruby (a blue-ribbon fiddler, fabulous cook, and expert in the art of making family feel loved). 

As they cruise through Fireside in Ruby's 
Thunderbird, Juliet hopes that healing memories will somehow smooth rough roads ahead.

Does the tremendous love that marked Walt and Ruby's lives still have the power to renew their sisterhood and help them find their place in the world? (from the back cover)

My Review: "When We Last Spoke" is well-written, but I think my expectations were too high. I normally love fiction set in the South with quirky characters and a humorous way of viewing life that can also illuminate a hidden truth. While quirkiness and humor is a part of this book, something just did not quite resonate with me. Some of the actions of characters did not always seem to ring true and there were times characters would teeter into 'beyond the grave' experiences that I was not comfortable with entirely. There are books that allow one to immerse themselves into a story and the fictional people begin to feel like familiar friends, but this did not happen with any of these. Sometimes it just seemed like there was more effort made to make everyone quirky and less on making them well-developed people. I left the book knowing a little more about them, but we were still strangers.

On the other hand, the possibility of a movie being in development does intrigue me. The possibility of seeing more life breathed into each one may make them more multi-dimensional for me. And, I plan on reading the book again at another time. I have had books that could not capture my full attention during the first reading that would suddenly "click" with me when I would try again later. I certainly see that potential with this author, and her talent is evident. I would suggest her to friends looking for a new author to read.

I did receive a copy of this book at no cost to myself from FlyBy Promotions. 

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