Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Captive by Ashley Smith

CAPTIVE, based on a miraculous true story that drew the attention of the entire nation, is a thrilling drama about the spiritual collision of two broken lives.  When Brian Nichols - on the run as the subject of a city wide manhunt and desperate to make contact with his newborn son - takes recovering meth addict Ashley Smith hostage in her own apartment, she turns for guidance to Rick Warren’s best-selling inspirational book, The Purpose Driven Life.  While reading aloud, Ashley and her would-be killer each face crossroads where despair and death intersect hope. 

My Review: I confess that I found this book much more interesting when I read it originally under its previous title, Unlikely Angel. I am sure it was because all of the events were still fresh in my mind and a second reading seems more like a rehash of what I already know. But, I can't hold that against the author. It is an interesting story of how God can use us to reach out to anyone placed in our path, no matter the circumstances, and that we truly are safest when we are in the center of His will. Ashley was able to reach a core of decency within a man who had ruthlessly murdered 4 other people and connect with him. At the same time, she was also able to grow spiritually and strengthen her resolve to trust God and become the person she needed to be for herself and her child. My biggest disappointment is that there was not an update at the end of the book on what is happening to the everyone today. I am curious if Brian Nichols turned his life over to God and if his encounter with Ashley had a major impact on him, other than his capture and imprisonment. It's a 3.5 for me. 

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I also want to mention that there is a film version of the book coming out this month!


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