Monday, February 23, 2015

Keys of Heaven by Adina Senft

Keys of Heaven by Adina Senft

Sarah Yoder is learning to help the people in her Amish community as a Dokterfraa, creating teas and tinctures from the herbs she grows. But her latest patient seems to have a problem that can't be resolved. Meanwhile, Sarah's relatives attempt a little matchmaking between her and a new visitor. This is the second book in the Healing Grace series (the first, Herb of Grace, received a 4 stars from RT Book Reviews!).

I received this book as part of a giveaway deal (contest closed) that included chocolate and 2 books. Amish fiction is not my favorite, plus this is #2 in a series and I did not read the first book. A very pleasant surprise. As usual, there was enough background given to give me a gist of what had happened in the first book. This book had characters that were flawed, but that made them more realistic. The mixture of people in this community from the Amish, those who had experienced living as Amish, and outsiders who knew nothing...and various experiences in between. This also showed a different slant than the usual stereotypical look at the Amish that seemed prevalent in many other books I have read.

I was caught up in the story and cared about these characters. They were humans who made errors, but were quick to make amends. There was also not a cut and dried plot that followed predictable territory. The series may, indeed, end up exactly as I expect, but I like that other trails are being explored. The fact that they can all accept and respect their differences is also refreshing. Sarah definitely has faults, but is open to admitting and correcting wrongs. I liked that she is a more mature woman who is rebuilding her life. Good book!

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 Disclosure: I did receive a copy of book from Hatchette Book Group for review. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.

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