Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Noah by Mark Ludy

Noah: The Wordless Picture Book by Mark Ludy is meant to appeal to both children and adults. Going deeper than the children's Sunday School version, the story follows the Biblical version and illustrates Noah's relationship with God, his wife, his children, the people around him and animals. The artwork is meant to reveal a picture of what was happening that bring a response from children and adults to further understand what was happening. The wordless format will develop both communication skills and imaginative story-telling while teaching or reaffirming the Biblical account of this event.

No doubt the illustrations are well done; Ludy is obviously very talented. I also like books that encourage children to use their imaginations. Of course, I do believe the Biblical account to be true, but it is just the basic account. I don't necessarily agree with all Ludy portrays, but I am also sure my views aren't strictly accurate. Some of the drawings did seem to dark for a younger child. I know we sugarcoat the story, perhaps too much, for young children, but a couple of the illustrations are a bit frightening for some kids. Of course, the true story is much more graphic and older kids and adults need to understand why the flood happened. So, beautiful artwork and great concept, but I think a parent would need to decide when a child could handle this.

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