Monday, May 6, 2013

Vote For Amber

VOTE for Amber Carrington on the Live Rounds on The Voice TONIGHT!!

Here are all the different methods:

1. CALL - Vote for your favorite artists by simply calling the appropriate toll-free number, up to 10 times per artists during each vote period.

2. TEXT - Sprint customers can vote by texting a specific short code for their favorite artists, up to 10 times per artist during each vote period. Message and rates may apply. The short code and key word numbers for the current vote are announced in the show each week.

3. ONLINE -  You can vote up to 10 times per artist during each vote period for free online at, or via the NBC Live app, the NBC app, or via Facebook. The 10 vote per artist online limit includes voting via, the NBC Live app, the NBC app and Facebook; in other words, you can vote 10 times per artist, total, using some or all of these forms of online voting.

4. iTUNES - By buying and downloading the current song of an artist in an active vote period, you will cast a vote for that artist.

Limit 10 votes per method per artist!

To follow all the action tonight through Twitter, here are some links: @ambercarrington@beyondmovie, @NBCTheVoice, and @NBCTalkVoice.

Here is the update from BTFS producer Benjamin Dane at last week's viewing party in Rockwall, TX:

Be sure to go to the Beyond The Farthest Star page to watch for other updates. If you haven't yet, LIKE the BTFS page! To see Amber as one of "The Britney's" in your local theater in 2013---tell them to BRING IT! (click on this link).

Quick Update: Here is Benjamin Dane at this week's Amber Watch Party:

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