Saturday, April 13, 2013

Holden Bitner: BTFS Characters

Holden Bitner

"The national spotlight in Leonard?" Adam replies incredulous. Amused, Senator Cutter's attorney pulls out, then slides a faded edition of Time Magazine before the preacher. The headline reading, "America's Next Billy Graham" is above a photo of six year-old Adam. Leaning in and suddenly dead serious, Bitner
assures Adam that nothing will remain hidden during this legal battle.

Andrew Sensenig as Holden Bitner

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Important Info:

  What Would You Do To Save Your Family?

Plot outline:
A twist of fate brings the national spotlight to a forgotten Texas town and a once famous preacher has an opportunity to either regain his former glory or seize one last chance to restore his fractured family. Narrated by his fifteen-year-old daughter, we watch as Adam Wells, a minister driven by the prospect of achieving greatness as the next nationally-syndicated TV Evangelist, faces the possibility of laying down his opportunity at “celebrity” and even his own life in order to become something even greater... a loving husband and father to his wife and daughter.
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