Monday, April 29, 2013

BTFS Viewing Party of Amber Carrington on The Voice

Amber Carrington, AKA one of "The Britneys" to the fans of Beyond The Farthest Star has developed a quickly growing new fan base as one of the talented singers who is currently on The Voice. The BTFS team have announced that they plan on having a Viewing Party in support of Amber.

BTFS Scene Viewing Party!!

First, watch AMBER CARRINGTON sing on NBC's THE VOICE at 8/7c.  Also, please share the event and invite others to watch. I would also like to suggest that we TWEET while the show is on. Show Amber that she has our love and support!! Suggested tweets are: ReTweet- We love @ambercarrington of @beyondmovie on #thevoice    or
 Support @ambercarrington of @beyondmovie on @NBCTheVoice #KnockoutRound #TeamAdam
 Please @beyondmovie or #beyondmovie so they can retweet! I know I will be retweeting those I see too.

 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! After she sings, come back to the BTFS Facebook timeline and watch an EXCLUSIVE CLIP with Amber as one of "The Britneys" from the upcoming Beyond The Farthest Star film!

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