Saturday, December 8, 2012

Men of A.I.M.

Men of A.I.M. is a ministry seeking to support and encourage churches and men's ministry leaders in Central Illinois, but also reaches out to men in other areas. The acronym A.I.M. is a reminder to men of the importance of balancing Action (James 2:17), Integrity (Proverbs 10:9), and Maturity (Hebrews 6:1) in our lives. Their focus scripture is 1 Corinthians 9:26 ~ Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly...

Of course, I am NOT a member, but I have been fascinated by the work that Rich Gerberding does, especially through Heart of Illinois Movie Central. Rich says on the page, "Film has the potential to impact many lives, and – frankly – the quality of Christian films has increased greatly over the years. The HOI page will be used to provide information about current or upcoming Christian movies in the Central Illinois area, or of films in the works that may be coming our way.As a growing number of Christians support films, the word will get out and Christian filmmakers will want to see if they’re films will 'Play in Peoria'."

I have noticed Rich and his organization over the past couple of years as they have been extremely supportive of several films that have caught my attention. I thought he was very effective in getting out the word (actually, I am a bit jealous of his success! lol) in movies such as Hardflip, October Baby, Christmas With A Capital C and others. I noticed that this group will be promote  The Lost Medallion (another impressive looking film!), but I am really excited that HOI also will be endorsing Beyond The Farthest Star!!!!

Rich kindly included me when he emailed others on his newsletter list, and this is part of what was said: "Is there a trailer.... no, not yet.

But there is a book, and I read it last weekend.  Yes, last weekend.  I had gotten a few pages into The Hobbit, on an impulse downloaded "Beyond the Farthest Star" - and didn't read another word of The Hobbit until I'd finished this book.

Everything I'd hoped to see from the various clips of the movie was there, and I am now even more excited about the film coming out than I was before.

The film hits a lot of topics -

  • Separation of Church & State
  • Teen angst & Self Abuse / cutting
  • Abortion / Sanctity of Life
  • Priorities of Life - Leaving a Legacy
  • The Importance of Marriage Vows

Amazingly, these topics are pulled together through the struggles of a Pastor's family in a Texas small town in a way that they do not feel forced, but rather the culmination of issues left unchecked and finally blowing up."

I have said many times that I truly believe that a good film can be a conversation opener and I would like to see more groups have a media ministry that not only presents films that can minister to the churched, but also appeal to the unchurched. Too many have their own narrow view of what a Christian or faith-based film is but, as with any other type film, there is room for all genres and audiences. If you are looking for a good model on how to organize this type of outreach, I heartily recommend you take a look at the Men of A.I.M. site. I am sure Rich has many pointers on the best way to get started.

Men of A.I.M. website  

Men of A.I.M. Facebook page

Heart Of Illinois Christian Movie Central 

"Like" Beyond The Farthest Star 

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