Thursday, December 20, 2012

Live Second Post #4: Known

Obviously, I am several days late in finishing my fourth and final post about Live Second: 365 Ways To Put Jesus First by Doug Bender. In keeping with the original concept of these blog posts, I will be finishing Session 2: Issues / Week 9: Identity. This week's session is based on John 3:1-21. This passage includes the most well-known verse in the world ("For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life." Basically, the gospel in one verse.), not all know that it is about Jesus meeting with an important Jewish leader at night.

The video for this portion is Tamara Jolee:

When Nicodemus had this personal encounter with Jesus, he went out of curiosity and seeking to know more about His identity. Jesus was matter of much debate, and Nicodemus just had to know what Jesus had to say about Himself...even if he was afraid to be seen speaking to Him alone during daylight hours.

 That shows the identity part; Nicodemus was asking Jesus, "Who are you?" He genuinely wanted to know if Jesus was sent by God, as He claimed...or if the ones who claimed Jesus was an instrument of the devil were right. What strikes me as vital evidence of Jesus truly being God is in how He chose to answer.

Several times when questioned, Jesus refers to the Jewish rabbis and leaders as "vipers", "snakes", or "hypocrites"! Psalm 139:1-6 is filled with imagery of how God knows all about us. So, the way Jesus responds to questions of the fearful, yet truth-seeking Nicodemus let me know right away that He already knew this man was different from the other Pharisees.

What does this mean to and for me? I can face current and future situations, not through my own power, but because I can be honest with my God---who already knows my questions and the answers. He is already aware of my fears, failures, shame, hopes, and so many other emotions that are weaved into my thoughts. Jesus is first and I am [eternally grateful to be] Second. I know Him and #IASknown.

With much appreciation (& apologies for falling behind), I want to thank Doug Bender for the download of this material. I will soon be reviewing the entire book, and have plans to use this as a regular part of my devotions and study time in 2013.

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