Monday, December 10, 2012

Live Second: Enslaved

Live Second: 365 Ways To Make Jesus First by Doug Bender contains 365 daily readings and prayers meant to inspire people to consider what life might look like if Jesus were First. I am one of many bloggers who loved the I am Second book and was invited to participate in the launch of this one. Later on I will be reviewing the entire book, but for this week, I am one of those who will be highlighting Session 2: Issues. This is the first of four blog posts I will be writing and the readings that spoke most to me. Week 6 is about Struggles. The video we watched for this one is of Brian "Head" Welch:

I cannot personally relate to the issues Brian had with drugs, but that isn't the only form of enslavement. The scripture reading for Day 5 was Romans 6:15-23 and deals with moving from slaves to sin to slaves of God. What are some of the habits that come between me and God or do I continue spite how bad it makes me feel (physically and spiritually)? The internet takes priority too often over time spent alone with God. Even if I am reading devotions from an online source, how many windows do I have open that distract me with a notification that I have an email or message. Unhealthy eating and exercise (or lack of...) habits return before I even realize it. The grip on me is strong.

But, my biggest form of enslavement is fear. Fear of failing, fear of falling, fear of letting go of things and people I trust for provision. He knows my weaknesses and my fears...and assures me frequently with, "Trust me. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will provide for you."  It is time that I put Jesus first for today and my future and do those things I know He wants me to do, and leave behind what needs to stay in the past. He is first and I am second.

I greatly appreciate the free ebook I received to be a part of this launch campaign, and I recommend you check out the offers provided for this week

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