Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perseid Meteor Shower

Emily Stuhler & Todd Terry ~ (Beyond The Farthest Star)
Look to the skies!! The annual Perseid Meteor Shower is back and the peak viewing time is Aug. 10-13, 2012. This weekend will provide a perfect time for creating special memories with your family. The photo on the right reminded me of the Christmas I got a telescope and my dad helping me to set it up. Just as this scene is one that proves to be a pivotal point in the relationship of the parent and child in Beyond The Farthest Star, it was a special moment with my dad. Years later, I wanted unforgettable moments like that with my own children. 

When my kids were younger, we lived in the country and could see an amazing number of stars. In Genesis 15:5, God tells Abram, "Look up at the heavens and count the stars--if indeed you can count them.", and just think---we each see only a small portion of them! Even a quiet night was special (and I must admit 2 of them were not thrilled when I hauled them out in the middle of a cold night to go view Halley's Comet with my astronomy class) but their astonishment and delight as we watched meteor showers with friends really caused us to marvel at God's creation!! Even as adults, they still talk about those nights and the fun we had.

If you are into camping, this is a fantastic weekend to get out and sleep under the stars. Actually, my granddaughter and I unintentionally did that 2 years ago! In mild hopes of spotting a few "shooting stars" despite living too near streetlights for a great view, we stretched out on blankets in my backyard to talk and watch the skies. We woke up at dawn! Cait saw 2 and I missed both, but we both gained a precious memory of time spent together. Stiff, sore muscles from sleeping on the ground, but IT WAS WORTH IT!!

Recently I won a book that I love! If anyone in your household has any interest in stargazing, I highly recommend The Stargazer's Guide To The Night Sky by Dr. Jason Lisle! It's worth it just for the fascinating photos. I also found a couple of articles that will give you more info about the Perseid Meteor Shower and give you some fun ideas for your family, along with some options if watching online is your only choice (or comfort level!!).
Families are meant to be treasured, and you will never regret taking the time you spend with them as you talk, share your faith & special moments, and let the ones you love know just how much they mean to you. You never know what a difference the memories of the moments will have or the impact they may have. Whether you are alone, with family, or with friends....relax, & spend some time this weekend stargazing!! What you discover will be----INDESCRIBABLE!! **********************************************************

Psalm 147:4 "He counts the stars and calls them all by name."


deborahseeley54 said...

Thank you Cindy for sharing! I love reading your random thoughts. Thanks also for reminding me about the shower.....I hope I can stay awake to watch!!! Love ya!!!!

Cindy said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Actually pre-dawn may be better than late night. Rainy here tonight (with an incredible storm), but tomorrow night should be clear. Love you too!!