Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Woman's Right To Rest by Denise George

There are fourteen different types of biblical rest and in A Woman's Right To Rest , author Denise George explains how exhausted, overworked women can incorporate them into their lives. Women today have been told that they can have it all, but also feel compelled to do it all. I have always liked the quote " If you want a job done fast, give it to a busy person." Unfortunately, too many women want to prove that saying to be true. The demands and wants of family, career, church, additional activities, and society pile up, and many women just keep finding time to do for everyone else, and take less time for themselves. Why? Mrs. George says it quite simply: "Many have never been given permission to rest." Does that sound like you? 

This is a book I wish someone had given to me many years ago. I have learned that I can say no---and the world will continue to spin, but it took a while for me to break away from the feelings of guilt! However, I also regret some of the times I was so busy racing around that I missed a lot of opportunities to enjoy my life and the people in it. Even now, I still saw areas of Biblical rest I have neglected. Naturally, I read this book quickly for review purposes, but I have full intentions of going through it again at a slower pace, and utilizing it as part of my own devotional time. Another part that I loved about the book is that it is also made for small groups. If you are looking for a book to use in a women's group, this is the perfect one to engage their interest and encourage them to take much needed time to relax and refresh.

I received this book from Leafwood Publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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