Monday, April 30, 2012

What is beyond the farthest star?

What is beyond the farthest star? No, I don't mean the film I am so excited about. That is a good answer, though ...and means you have been paying attention! This past Saturday was National Astronomy Day! (Well, the Spring edition anyway; I did notice that there is an Autumn day scheduled for October 20.)
This week Beyond The Farthest Star asked their fans the following question:
"What do YOU think is beyond the farthest star?"




More Stars

Not Sure

Here is the link to the video they filmed asking others for their thoughts.

What is beyond the farthest star?

 Now, they want to know YOURS!! Please go to their Facebook fanpage & share your opinion. Then...ask YOUR friends; I want to know what they think too.

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Again, I want to thank Andy Librizzi and Ben Dane for being so generous and patient with me while I wait on their film to my local cinema!! I am so excited!! :)

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