Sunday, February 26, 2012

OK God, Now What?

From the Inside Flap

In OK God, Now What?, Don Mann, a successful scientist, businessman, and long time Christian minister, reveals God's core principles for uniting your heart on God and producing success in every part of life. He writes in the clear and direct language of a results-oriented businessman so you can successfully apply God's truth.

By combining Bible truth, modern discoveries on how the brain operates, and practical tools to renew your mind, OK God, Now What? opens the doors to help you fulfill your best dreams.

In this life-changing book, Don explains the long hidden biblical technology for renewing the mind and how recent medical psychological and neurological discovers confirm and magnify these powerful truths. Then Don gives practical steps on how to renew your mind to harness the unlimited potential of you and God working together in order to achieve exactly what your new inner man desires.

In OK, God, Now What? you will learn how to:
·         Create predictable transformation in your life.
·         Gain peace of mind and confidence in God
·         Rewire your brain to make success inevitable
·         Make right decisions with confidence and certainty
·         Reduce your learning curve from years to days
·         Develop the mindset of a powerful man or woman of God

From developing the skill and honing the approaches, to laying the foundation and adopting the right attitudes that shape your destiny, OK God, Now What? shows you how to use God's ancient secrets to producing His goodness in the earth, and for you to fulfill your purpose in life.

OK, God, Now What? gives a step-by-step guide and instructions on how to enter God's prosperity, true love, miracles, peace, ministry, destiny, family, faith, endurance, rise like an eagle in adversity and tough times, victory and success in every part of life. Do it God's way for His best results.

From the Back Cover

With so many voices, what is the right way? This book shows the Bible principles that are changing top sports athletes, sales, business and Christian leaders, and also ordinary people to godly success in every part of life.

Cut through the clutter! Gain peace of mind, clarity, purpose, health, wealth and a better life. In just 21, 40 or 90 days you will see dramatic results.

For the New Christian, get started right; for the mature Christian, get revelation, a new fire and peace like you've only dreamed of.

You will discover how to:
  •  Strengthen your heart for anything to powerful results
  • See answers to prayer with exciting impact
  • Activate your joy in the Lord and destroy fear at the same time
  • Fulfill God's best for your life today
  • Turn around any negative situation God's way
  • Build your success and prosperity in every part of life
  • Make giant leaps to acquire your destiny
  • Accelerate your growth in Christ with a renewed mind
  • Control your emotions and open financial doors God's way
  • Learn how to use affirmations to prepare your heart for intimacy with God on His terms, and not your past normal, to more joy, peace and strength 
  • To be honest, I just could not get "into" the book myself, but I do appreciate the free copy I received and feel that I do owe the courtesy of mentioning this book on my blog. Since this will thrill some of my friends, and cause others to avoid attempting to read it, I do feel that I should mention that all Scripture (and there is a lot) is King James Version. That is the Bible I was raised reading, so I don't have a problem with it but confess that I prefer more up to date language.
  • I also think I understand the thought process of repeating the affirmations and immersing oneself into the Scripture and affirmations until they become a part of you. I agree that we are transformed by daily reading of God's Word and memorizing Scripture; I want to learn Scripture, but in a way that I can more easily understand and apply to my life so I may serve and honor God.
    So, while this isn't a book I could embrace, there may be others who find it to be exactly the book they need. You can check out reviews and order a copy at Amazon.

    Again, I was given this book in hopes I would give it a fair review.

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