Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Radical Together

David Platt has gone a step further in this latest book to challenge believers to become RADICAL in their relationship with Jesus. In "Radical Together: Unleashing The People Of God For The Purpose Of God", the church is given 6 areas to examine on how best to lead the body of Christ to fulfill the great commission of reaching out to every nation, tribe, and tongue so that all may hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. This book, however, is for anyone who longs to make an impact for God's glory. Filled with Biblical teaching, and supplemented with stories of the commitment of others to be radically sold out to proclaiming the gospel to the lost, this is a book that truly makes you reflect on your own priorities in your walk with Christ.
On a personal note, the book speaks to me on a topic that I am finding myself to be more troubled with in recent years. While the big churches and innovative programs we sponsor are marvelous, church is becoming more of an entertainment arena. While I certainly would not advocate getting rid of the fun and even see a need to continue many of the outreach programs many churches do, I want to see more follow-up and discipleship. In the book, I would like to see even more practical advice on what people in a wider socio-economic range can do. My advance copy did not have the discussion guide that will be included in the final book, though, so I may find my answers there. However, I highly recommend that everyone read this just as soon as it is available.
I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


Chad and Kristy said...

Ok, he is my preacher and I didn't even know he had another book coming out! I so enjoyed his first book and I absolutly enjoy going to Brookhills. We do not do very much entertaining and are mostly focused on studying the word of God. However, from time to time we do have great fun and fellowship with each other. Bethany is having a lock-in Friday night at the church... very rare for the church to do but I am sure the kids will have so much fun. In my opinion most of large church activities are not focused on God and they cost money that not everyone can afford. Ex. Upwards... great program but its like $75! $75 x 3 kids = we are not playing:( Why can't churches offer FREE Upwards..who needs the uniforms and the extras that come along with it? They have a gym and a community full of children that need the gospel, that need positive influence in their lives, and yet we are missing out on huge opportunities to share God's word because we want cute little uniforms! I know they offer "scholoarships" but most people do not want a hand out.. they just don't participate. I am by no means poor but I just can't afford it and I am not asking the church to my kids don't play. Sigh... frustrating.

Cindy said...

The expense is my problem too! I live off of child support from Cody's parents, so ski trips, and even just going to a fast food place is not something I can afford. Some of the activities various churches around here offer are more than my monthly income!! And, how do they relate to bringing a teen closer to God?

By the way, the book won't be out before April 19th. I was able to get this advance copy through one of the publishers I review for. :) I was sooooo excited when it arrived yesterday since only 50 people were going to get it!!