Monday, February 14, 2011

MOST (The Deluxe Edition)

 MOST, the Czech word for "The Bridge," is a fitting title for this 21st-century parable about a loving father, his young son, and the fateful day when they attempt to head off an impending rail disaster. Hundreds of passengers aboard an oncoming steam train are completely unaware of the danger that looms as they head toward an open drawbridge.
  As a desperate young woman witnesses an act of mercy beyond imagination, her life is changed forever—as are the lives of all who see this film.
Both heart wrenching and glorious, MOST vividly portrays the greatest offering of love, sacrifice, hope, and forgiveness known to man.~ (from the Facebook fan page)

Many people are aware of this story, more commonly called "The Bridge", so you already know that this is going to be an extremely emotional film. The love of the father (Vladimír Javorský ) and his young son Lado (Ladislav Ondrej ) for one another makes this an even more poignant film. Linda Rybová gives a compelling performance of a young woman whose life is filled with numerous problems. She is also the only one aboard the train who realizes that her life was spared due to the unimaginable choice made by the father.

 There are also moments of comic relief in a character delightfully played by Brad Heller, so don't think this is an entirely solemn film. It is a truly moving and amazing experience that will make an impact on all who see it! It is only 33 minutes long, but that makes it perfect for viewing as part of a small group. This is not a "preachy" movie, but does lend itself to discussion on a variety of topics. Personally, I was able to use it as a greater illustration to my grandson of the sacrificial love that God had for us when Jesus died on the cross to save us.

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Lori said...

This looks like a most interesting story :) and for it to be life changing, I just have to see it, and pass it on!!

bamaani said...

I don`t recall reading much about this movie but it does sound interesting and need to check into.