Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh No!! Snow Flurries??

Once again it is that time of year in Alabama when we begin to hear rumors of the possibility of SNOW FLURRIES!!!!!! To be fair, we still have the memories of the infamous "Blizzard of '93" to remind us of the possibilities that we indeed can get a big snowfall in our area. Yearly we revisit this phenomenon with weather specials: Blizzard Of '93 or stories like Dennis Gordon's Weather Tales Storm Of The Century !! It has happened before, it could happen again!

Being unaccustomed to much snow, many of us were not prepared. My electricity was out for nearly a week; but, being one of those who does listen to weather forecasts, I was ready with non-perishables, kerosene, candles, and plenty of books!! We even had an unexpected smaller event in February '96 that made people a tad cautious. I know my cable was out a good 2 or 3 hours that time. Never fear, I had taped the A&E Pride & Prejudice, so I survived quite nicely.

But today the words Snow Flurries and Donner Party seem to be almost interchangeable words in the minds of some! :) Everyone must rush to the grocery store if even a rumor that "snow was mentioned" happens to circulate!! What are the necessities of life that we most fear losing? Candles? Batteries? Non-perishable food? NO!!!! MILK & BREAD!!!!! After all, one may be snowbound 2 or 3 hours before the snow melts!!!! I must admit, I may double-check to make sure there is plenty of coffee and chocolate. Nah...that is normal for a sunny day too. :) Chocolate is not as necessary for my well-being as coffee is....and coffee is necessary for the protection of others who may encounter me....but when I want chocolate, there must be chocolate available!

Now, I can recommend an excellent Facebook page for those who live in Alabama and need others to bond with as we struggle to survive the snow flurries. We who suffer together need a support group. Those outside of the state may also wish to check in on family and friends. Photos are taken and tales must be shared, & even a few suggestions of what to do with the massive supplies of milk and bread, abound as reports filter in on our Snow Flurry Days....and yes, our schools frequently close due to snow flurries! Check it out at Surviving Alabama Snow Flurries .

All of that, simply to share a prayer request for all kind enough to read this: Tomorrow is the only day I have available to go to Walmart and buy groceries!! It is Saturday....always a nightmare day there! It is December.....Christmas shoppers! SNOW FLURRIES are in the forecast! I really do NEED milk and bread this weekend...and there will be none to be had! I just hope I survive this monthly trek with such a triple threat lurking. I can only hope to arrive back home, battle-scarred and weary, but armed with enough supplies to get us through the month without my having to jump into the fray once again. :)

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deborahseeley54 said...

Hello Cindy! I am thinking this week while we have weather in the 70's that we may be in for it next week.Here in Indiana it can be 70 one day and 20 the next. We have had a very mild winter...only 1 1/2 inches of snow...all winter.....I do not even want to think about what may come....~treading lightly through the upcoming tulips