Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Incredible Beginning To December!

This is only the 5th of December, but I must admit that I have had an incredible few days. Just to remind myself of the highlights and have a record of ways God has blessed me...:

Dec. 1: The Wedding!! My daughter, Brandy, married Jamie Roat. To witness my daughter joyfully praising God and marrying the man she loves was a very emotional evening. They recently joined Desperation Church and their new church family went over and beyond in making this a special event. The candles, flowers, cake, and reception were totally unexpected, and filled me with such joy to see how loved and welcome Brandy, Jamie, and the kids are in their new church. I am still praying for my sons, but this was just a small foretaste of worshiping God with my child and grandkids. I look forward to doing this forever!!

Dec. 2: My first mission trip!! I have been involved with local missions projects for several years and love them, but this was the first time I have ever gone out of state to be involved in such a huge project. Since I wrote extensively about my experience with Operation Christmas Child in my Cindy's World blog, I won't recount it all here.
But it was a blessing to be a part of it and spend time with some members of my Crosshaven church family. After 10 years of being a member of Northbrook, I am still trying to find my place in my new church home. But, I am where I truly believe God wants me to be.

Then, there was the experience of my first visit to Starbucks! My fellow coffee aficionados on Facebook were appalled that I had never had coffee there, so I can now cross this off my list of things I need to do. Don't ask me what I had.....I just know it was good. A friend sent me a message with a suggestion, so I just showed that to the person who filled my order. :) Considering that a cup of coffee was $1.50 more than I spent on lunch, I don't see me making too many trips back. But I am glad I had the experience and will want to try it again.

Another place I had always wanted to visit was Varsity's in Atlanta. Now I have been there too!! The food was okay, but I honestly was not impressed enough to care if I ever eat there again. Again, though, just fulfilling yet another thing I had wanted to do for years was very satisfying.

Dec. 3: RECOVERY! I was exhausted, so it was good to have a day to sit around and relax. Of course I spent most of the day catching up on Facebook....and promoting all I could. I know I probably annoy most of those who are my FB friends, but I want everyone to know about projects other friends are involved in and care about. There are many wonderful films, books, etc. that others may want to experience for themselves.

I also spent time rejoicing and praising God because it looks like prayers for a friend are about to be answered in a magnificent way. God is always good and His plans are always best, but I still like to see friends given great gifts.

I did not actually burn the house down!! I did manage to only slightly scorch lunch. Supper went from cheese toast to actual flames shooting out of the oven! I meant to only preheat the oven, prepare a can of soup, and some cheese toast to go with it. Apparently, I absent-mindedly put it in the oven and walked out of the room. Fortunately, I was hungry and only out of the kitchen for a short time. Cooking is such a grand adventure! :)

Dec. 4: My first ballet! A friend was going out of town and blessed me with her tickets to The Nutcracker. Of course I am familiar with the story and the music, but the only performance I had ever seen was when my 4th grade class did a short play. This was way better!! LOL!!
The costumes, the gracefulness and energy of the dancers, the "snow" cascading down were all amazing. Getting to share this experience with my granddaughter, Caitlyn, made this afternoon even more of a treasured event. Once again, I had always wanted to see a ballet performed! This was fantastic!!

Dec. 5: Really not done much today. Church is always wonderful, so that alone makes the day special. I have had more of a "weepy" day while listening to music and thinking about all of my many blessings. Actually the thought even crossed my mind that I have had so many dreams fulfilled this week, that I could not help but think of The Bucket List and wonder if my time on earth is nearly over. (Btw, if I suddenly come up with tickets and a ride for Trans-Siberian Orchestra next Saturday, I will be convinced that I am heading HOME real soon!! YAY \o/)

But, I am about to tackle something difficult. Brandy has given me her Blackberry, and I must figure out how to install my contacts.....and how to use the tomorrow!! So, y'all pray for this poor technically-challenged woman as I go through yet another new experience in an already action-packed week!! GOD IS GOOD and I can't wait to see what is in store for me next!! :)

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