Thursday, August 26, 2010

Teenaged Angst Revisited

I have been meaning to get back to this for the past 6 nights, but it has gotten wild around here lately. Each time I thought I had a spare few moments, something or someone would rush in to snatch my attention. It's all good, though. I would rather spend time with current friends than with delving into my past.

Last Thursday afternoon, my phone rang and the Caller ID announced RESTRICTED. My first thought was that it was a salesperson and I am not interested. Yet, I decided to risk it. I had already received a completely unexpected call from a new friend the night before, so I thought perhaps another was getting in touch. I heard my name, and when I affirmed it was me. I got a couple a couple of disjointed sentences. Actually, it brought to mind the scene in Star Wars when Princess Leia was appealing for help to a bewildered Luke Skywalker. "Cindy! Been looking. Goose Creek." For those who are now totally perplexed, Goose Creek, SC is where I went to high school 9th-11th grades.

Even with the clue that it was someone from high school, I still was glad I was sitting when I realized it was from The Love Of My Life:The High School Years!! I must admit my heart did a tiny flutter...even after all of these years. I outgrew that silly crush many years ago...........though I admit to wondering :What Could Have Been. The conversation lasted nearly 45 minutes with a few  shared memories and a lot of sentences which began with "Do you remember...." We got caught up on one anothers lives and promised to do better at staying in touch (already failing!), and spoke vaguely of talking again.

Isn't it odd when a voice from the past can open the floodgates to a whole new set of memories? I could hardly wait to get in touch with a couple of high school friends who went through the years I was sure no one could ever replace him. They went right back to high school too!! Equally surprising to me was the number of friends, both old and new who wanted to know if he and I were finally getting together. My friends, I love you all, but apparently the longings for fairy tales and "happily ever after" is more deeply ingrained than I realized.  It was a pleasant interlude of shared memories.

I do hope we get back together sometime as friends...........but I just wanted to point out that the broken heart at 15 can be whole and ready to simply embrace a new friendship at 55. I did face my teenage angst head on this past week and learned that I survived quite well. I am glad that the wild flame of love has settled into the warm glow of friendship.It's much less exhausting!

A friend loves at all times.~ Proverbs 17:17a  Praying for a friendship that will continue for another 40 years...this time with frequent chats and much.....much less drama! :)

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