Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cody's 12th Birthday or...Cody is growing up. :/

It is so incredible to believe how quickly the past 12 years have flown by. I was in the room when he was born: 1 of the first to see him, 1 of the first to hold him. I never dreamed that less than 2 years later, he would be living with me. And the joy Cody has brought into my life is amazing!!

Since he had problems speaking as a preschooler, I became fascinated by the way he would act out things to help me understand. As his imagination grew, I rediscovered mine. His favorite story was The 3 Little Pigs..... we read it at least once a day for over a year. One day, I read Little Red Riding Hood to him, but he didn't seem interested. Several weeks later, central air conditioning was installed. I noticed a nervous look on his face, but thought nothing of it until I went to the door to take out the trash. Suddenly, Cody threw himself between me and the door and exclaimed, "Nooooo! The Big Bad Wolf is out there......and he eats grandmas too!!!" Have you ever tried explaining air conditioning to a 4 year old? It was a while before the trash made it to the curb. :)

Cody's love of superheroes is also well-known. He prayed for them all every night. Dressing up was an everyday occurrence. I never knew which superhero would accompany me to the playground, the store, (you pick your battles!). On the other hand, I never dreamed that I would catch his enthusiasm when he attended Head Start through 1st grade. I would show up as The Cat In The Hat, a lepruchan, an elf, ...whatever the theme was!! My adult children were so grateful that they missed my costume era when they were little. :)

Now he is outgrowing all of these things that were so delightful. Over the summer he has gotten a bit taller than me......meaning the superhero costumes are all now too small. His action figures have been played with less and less....and he is more interested in grabbing my phone.

Now his interests are moving into a direction I am not ready for yet. Recently, Cody asked if we can move to France. I regretfully informed him that I just didn't see that happening. Out of curiosity, though, I asked why. I was told,  "France has 'hot' girls!"  when I told him to forget about the hot girls of France, he mournfully answered, "But, Nana, That is ALL I can think about!!!"

Have mercy! Chakote Matthew amaze me. Y'all pray...'cause the next 6 may be more dramatic than the past 12 combined!

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