Sunday, June 11, 2017

You'll Think of Me - Robin Lee Hatcher

Abandoned by her mother as a child, and loathed by her father, Brooklyn thought she had found love when she eloped with Chad as a teenager. However, once she became pregnant, Chad rejected her and their unborn child. Ten years later, she gets a letter that Chad has passed away, leaving their daughter his family home and acreage.

Derek, Chad's childhood best friend, is a deputy who dreams of expanding his property to become a full-time organic farmer. Chad's promise to sell him his 10 acres is broken when he leaves all to Alycia---along with a request that Derek be the father to Alycia that she never had.

Brooklyn reluctantly returned to the small Idaho town she left as a teen, hoping to provide her daughter with a life she never experienced. Derek's disappointment over losing the land, along with long-held misconceptions about Brooklyn and her distrust of others makes for an uneasy relationship as each learns to let go of the past and build a future with the plan God has for them.

You'll Think of Me (Thomas Nelson) is an easy read and enjoyable despite some very serious topics including daughters with no father or abusive fathers, domestic violence, single parenting, lost dreams, and forgiveness. Brooklyn learns that she can trust others and be part of a community while Derek learns that if he lets go of his own plans, he can trust God to provide what he really needs. Of course, these novels follow the same basic pattern, but the fun is seeing how the author both presents and resolves conflicts in each story. I felt this was a well told story that allowed character development and without the rushed ending that is often found. I really liked it and it is great for a relaxing Summer read. 

The publisher provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers.

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