Saturday, September 20, 2014

Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship, and Fashion Disasters

Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship, and Fashion Disasters is the first book in the Desperate Diva Diaries series by Angie Spady. The series revolves around 6th grader, Catie, and her friends and family. A blurb about the book from the publisher will tell you a bit more:

Meet, Catie Conrad – a typical, tween, Christian girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. And if it isn’t bad enough that no one seems to understand the social pressures of being the greatest at everything, donning the latest fashions, and carrying the trendiest technology, Catie’s dad is about to uproot her and her family to an Indian reservation during spring break for his job. Throw in a school dance, a major art contest, and an arch nemesis known only as Miranda Maroni and there’s bound to be an epic meltdown of biblical proportions. Or, maybe not…

My Review: This is a great book for tween girls! The characters are a lot of fun to get to know and remind me of a few people I have met. I love that it is written from a Christian viewpoint that shows Catie learning to make her faith her own, and the guidance of her parents is a wonderful example of parenting. These are most certainly not perfect people, but lessons are learned through fears, failures, triumphs, and new experiences. I would have loved to have had these books when I was younger and will most definitely recommend this series to friends with daughters around the age of Catie in friends. With so few books for kids having good role models, this is a breath of fresh air. Not only will it encourage girls to read, but I believe that the perfect accompaniment for this book would be a diary and a pack of pens...preferably colored ones. Sometimes purple ink just adds to the joy of writing! Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship & Fashion Disasters is published by B&H Kids. The book is 304 pages and is geared for grades 3-7 and ages 8-12.

Disclosure: I received
a copy of this book to review from Shelton Interactive. The opinions expressed are my own and I was not required to give a positive review. There was no monetary compensation. 
Author Angie Spady, a former high school teacher and community arts activist,
has always encouraged others to be creative and think outside the box. She has published curriculum units by the Kentucky Council on Economic Education, and her innovative teaching techniques have been featured on PBS, Kentucky Educational Television, in "KY Teacher" magazine and other various print media around the country. Inspired by her inquisitive art students, Spady wrote "The Channing O’Banning Series" (Santa Cruz Press), as well as two picture books. Spady enjoys traveling around the world with her family, bird watching, and relaxing in her garden. When she’s not running after her two teenage daughters, you’ll probably find her writing along side her biggest fans, her rag doll cats, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley.

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