Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jesus Saves Me by Callie Grant

"Jesus Saves Me," from the Knowing My God series, is a learn book. The main theme in this book by author, Callie Grant, is presenting Jesus as The Good Shepherd in a simple introductory style for young children. Using John 10:14-16 for the scriptural basis, the book uses the words of Jesus to explain how the shepherd takes care of his sheep just as He takes care of His people. The book also teaches the importance of getting to know Jesus so you learn His voice over all others. Of course, this is put in a simplified manner that young children can understand.

What impressed me the most was how the book can grow with the child or is perfect for a family with young children of various ages. There are very simple sentences that a toddler can understand and not get bored with, but there is also a longer paragraph on the page for young readers or for any child that is ready to learn more of the basic tenets of faith and to reason out how to apply what they have just read to their lives. Parents can use the written portion, along with the illustrations to teach their children more about Jesus and His love for his people. Illustrated by Jodie Stowe, it is brightly colored and has photographs that will both capture a child's attention and initiate conversation. The book is suitable for children 0-7 years old, and is a durable board book that is easily held by small hands. The negative would be that it is probably easily chewed by young ones who are teething, but I do recommend this book.

I received this book free of charge from Shelton Interactive in exchange for my honest review.

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