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'Christian Women in Media 10th National Conference

The 10th Annual Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) National Conference will be taking place April 3-5, 2014 in Dallas. Women from across the nation who work in the fields of media and entertainment will benefit from the educational media seminars, inspiring keynote sessions and uplifting music at this conference. Some attendees come from the 5 CWIMA Regional Connection cities of Dallas, Nashville, New York, Minneapolis and Hollywood or the 12 CWIMA Local Networks across the countryn but there are also those who will be attending their first-ever CWIMA event. All women are invited who impact our culture in media, entertainment and leadership. They do not need to be a member to attend.

There are many speakers scheduled for the key morning sessions as well as the evening events. Just a few of those scheduled to speak or sing are Babbie Mason, Carol Swain, June Hunt, Thelma Wells, Jennifer Strickland, Karol Ladd, Amani Mostafa, and Erica Lane. There will be morning sessions filled with prayer, worship, reports, inspiration, and encouragement. The nights will be a time of food, fellowship, music, laughter, and the ever-popular "Jeans and Bling" event for down-home, good ol' fashioned Texas fun.
The afternoon Educational Media Seminars are varied to suit the needs of the many professions these ladies are directly connected with, yet most are not narrowly defined to one area only. The seminar moderators are seasoned people who have achieved successful positions in their respective fields. Most of the seminars this year also have a panel of experts who lend their voice and expertise to the discussion. Those attending the conference can choose 2 seminars per afternoon for a total of four.

The seminars are:
  • Taking Your Brand from 0 to 1,000,000 in a Matter of Months, Moderator: Carol Doyel
  • Pitch to the Experts, Moderator:Tracey Mitchell
  • So, I Have Written a Book ... Now What?, Moderator: Mary Hollingsworth
  • Be an A-List Speaker with Income to Match, Moderator: Marina McLean
  • How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul), Moderator: Ted Baehr
  • Maximizing Your On-Air Presence, Moderator: Suzanne Niles
  • How to Ask for a $1,000,000, Moderator: Teri O'Connor
  • Maximizing Your On-Air Presence; How to Soar in the Entertainment Industry, Moderator: Naima Lett.
4099 Valley View Lane
Dallas, Texas, 75244,

  • Attendance to all Conference Events
  • Chef's Table Breakfast Buffet (included with hotel bed and breakfast package)
  • Opening Reception Fare
  • Two Catered Luncheons
  • Country Western "Jeans & Bling" Dinner Party
  • Gala Awards Dinner

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    The grand finale of the conference is the Excellence in Communication Awards Gala. This year's honorees are Roma Downey (Son of God, The Bible miniseries), who will accept her Excellence in Communications Award for Films and Television via video and multi-award winning singer, Babbie Mason, who will receive the Excellence in Communications Award for Music. Mason will also be singing during the gala. The keynote speaker is well-known movie critic and founder of Movieguide, Ted Baehr.

    This is the one event where men are also invited to attend. The dress for the evening is After Five, and it will include dinner. Tickets are $35 each (or VIP Tables for 8 are available). The event begins at 7pm, but come a few minutes early to 'Mix and Mingle'.

    Awards Gala Tickets
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    Suellen Roberts
    Christian Women In Media (CWIMA) founder  and President Suellen Roberts trusts the event will connect and refresh women in communications.The schedule of events throughout the country will stick closely to CWIMA mission to encourage, connect and mobilize women working in all forms of media.

    Christian Women in Media was birthed out of Roberts’ desire to connect women in purpose and vision. She believes that providing a platform for Christian women in media will yield powerful results. “Mobilizing Christian women in media and entertainment is essential to influencing our culture in these times,” said Roberts. Those serving on the leadership team played a vital role in making it happen. The leadership team consists of seven women serving on the Executive Committee and a base of twenty-two Advisory Board members.

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