Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Nation Under Judgment by Richard Capriola

Has something gone terribly wrong in America? What does it mean to be "one nation under God"? Our Founding Fathers believed it was more than a political slogan. Have we strayed from their vision? A Nation Under Judgment focuses on issues currently facing our country, such as hunger, homelessness, marriage, income inequality and poverty. These subjects are reviewed from a social policy and Scriptural point of view, empowering readers to decide whether or not our nation is.

A Nation Under Judgment: One Nation Apart from God by Richard Capriola is written from the perspective of how our nation currently makes policies and if we seek wisdom from God's point of view. Some of the social policies that are covered by the author include hunger, poverty, marriage, abortion, environmental issues, gambling, and homelessness. Using Scripture, historical data, current laws, and insights on the way our nation seems to be leaning today, Capriola clearly demonstrates that the United States is moving further from the Biblical principles upon which this nation was founded. 

Some would argue that we are not, nor have we never been, "One Nation Under God", but there is clear evidence that the majority of our founding fathers did seek wisdom from God and studied Scripture. "The ability to see things from God's point of view" is the definition of wisdom used in the book and Capriola makes his point that our current lawmakers are further away from seeking wisdom when crafting current laws and decisions that affect the social policies that affect us all.

While I did differ slightly in the author's conclusion in some of the chapters, this is a book that is free from political party views and does give Scripture to back his argument. I do agree with his statement that "One Nation Under God" should be a call to action for our leaders and not merely a slogan. If we continue our current defiance against the wisdom of God, and continue to move away from Him, we will have to face the consequences. Capriola makes a valid argument that "the future of our nation may rest on our commitment to create policies and financial priorities that return us to living out the words---one nation under God". I liked the book, but some of it seemed a bit repetitive. It is easy to read and gives the reader something to think about.

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Unknown said...

Just curious, what exactly did you disagree with the Author about?

Cindy Navarro said...

To be honest, I no longer remember the details. I read this book several weeks ago and the review was written then, waiting for the book to be published.
I doubt it was any more than my seeing things from a slightly different angle. Had it been something I disagreed with vehemently, I would have mentioned it in the review or remembered enough detail to say why I disagreed.