Friday, February 28, 2014

100 Days Of Right Believing

100 Days of Right Believing is adapted from Joseph Prince's New York Times bestselling book The Power of Right Believing. 

What you believe is everything!
Break free from bondages and live a life of victory through inspiring bite-sized teachings that will help you develop highly effective habits for right believing.
Each daily experience includes:
• Today’s Scripture: A scripture to meditate on to recalibrate your mind and believe right about God’s heart and plans for you.
• Today’s Excerpt: A key truth about right believing that ministers and delivers God’s transforming grace to you.
• Today’s Thought: An uplifting, liberating, and powerful thought for the day.
• Today’s Reflection: A place to journal your thoughts and reflections.
• Today’s Prayer: A simple but powerful prayer to help you express your heart to your heavenly Father.
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This is an excellent book. Each day's selection was perfect for just a few minutes to refresh your soul and connect with God. Whether it is read to jump-start your day, to reflect upon before going to bed, or as a much needed break somewhere in-between, I found the selections to be just enough to be healing and calming and to remind me of God's love. It is easy to believe the lies that are whispered into our minds, and this book has a portion of Scripture that replaces that lie with Truth. I also enjoyed reading the excerpts that expand upon what was read, along with a thought to meditate upon. There is room for you to jot down a few thoughts about how this spoke to you or whatever else you need to say. This is a good reference for you to go back to later to see where you were and where you are now. Finishing the daily selection with a prayer brings you to the throne of God. Hopefully, the published prayer is just to get you started with a time spent with God, but I find it very useful to help focus my thoughts as I formulate my own words. Of course, I simply scanned though much of the book in order to review it, but it is one that will be used for regular devotions. I highly recommend it.

I received a copy of this book from Faith Words at no cost for the purpose of writing an honest review.

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