Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stephen M. Miller's Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Here’s a Bible dictionary for people who hate Bible dictionaries: With its fast-paced writing and gorgeous pictures, you’ll wonder why more Bible reference books don’t read like a magazine. Stephen M. Miller's Illustrated Bible Dictionary is the latest project from best-selling author Stephen M. Miller, who combines solid Bible scholarship with a compelling journalistic writing style. From Aaron to Zorah (Samson’s hometown), here are some 1,400 entries on Bible people, places, things, customs, and ideas—all written for optimal clarity and enjoyment. This is a readable reference you’ll want to consult over and over again! (publisher's description)

A 10-minute Stephen M MIller interview at the annual conference of Christian Booksellers.

My Review: Since I tend to be  a trivia buff who likes a little background info, I was excited to receive this book in the mail recently. Flipping through, I was delighted with all of the illustrations, but I was expecting there to be good ones in a book called Illustrated Bible Dictionary. Then,  I stopped to read a few entries; the wit and down-to-earth writing style of Stephen M. Miller captured my interest and kept it. Whether you have been studying the Bible for decades or haven't a clue to what it is all about, this book not only hits the highlights, but may just make you want to go more indepth. This is an excellent reference and resource that you are sure to use frequently.

I love the book, and I found another endorsement that you may enjoy...

This is definitely a book you will want for your personal library or to gift to others who want to learn more about the Bible. It can be enjoyed by those as young as 12, but will appeal to adults as well.

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Stephen M. Miller said...

Very kind of you Cindy. Thank you.

Cindy Navarro said...

You are welcome. I am putting the book to good use. Thanks for letting me review it!