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"Doonby" Makes Major Impact in Michigan

On December 9, 2013, the inspirational thriller “Doonby” came to the Star Gratiot Theater in Clinton Twp, MI as an event sponsored by Radio Air Jesus, Mrs. Huey and Michael Warren. Michigan filmmaker, Rebecca Huey Krupp, using the organization TUGG, Inc., organized the efforts of ticket buyers to bring this Peter Mackenzie-directed movie to town. Lead actress Jenn Gotzon, who plays character “Laura Reaper” opposite John Schneider, arrived a few days before the screening to share her testimony and discuss restoration at New Wineskin Church and Heartfelt Ministries.

(L to R) Red Carpet Experience: Jason Eaton Band, Artist Sean Guerrero, “Doonby” Lead Actress Jenn Gotzon, 103.5 FM The Light Morning Host Chris Stevenson and his wife on red carpet before "Doonby" Michigan Premiere Dec. 9, 2013

People who purchased red carpet passes attended a "Meet and Greet" with the actress and evening’s artists on the red carpet and received an autographed poster and had the opportunity to take photographs. Local radio morning host of 103.5FM WMUZ The Light, Chris Stevenson, emceed the evening's gala event and Jason Eaton Band performed.. Sean Guerrero, whose viral music video  WALLS, starring Jenn Gotzon, was played on screen, but Sean and his guitarist Shane flew in from North Carolina to perform the song acoustically also.
Producer Regina Benjamin Steiger covered the event (view video) and showed an inspirational segment from “Hand Of God". 

After the film, Chris Stevenson opened up the Q & A for Jenn Gotzon and invited the audience to write in Jenn's journal expressing how the movie "Doonby" may have impacted their life. Gotzon’s message was that everyone would know how significant, important and valued they are, especially during this Christmas season

Jenn Gotzon on air WMUZ 103.5 FM with Chris Stevenson's The Light Morning Show.
Dec. 9, 2013
While in the Detroit Area, Ms. Gotzon was a guest of both the afternoon and morning show on 103.5FM WMUZ The Light, hosted by Chris Stevenson and Robin Sullivan. Tickets and passes were given away on air and callers lit up the switchboard wanting to attend.
Watch this fun behind the scenes video captured by DJ Ginger Beggs (video link).

Viewers from the “Doonby” premiere commented after about the movie saying, “
The ending was a surprise with a message that still inhabits my thoughts and searches for an answer as to 'What If?' and 'What can I do?'” 

Another attendee said,
It was an excellent movie with an important point… that God does not make nobodies.”

“Doonby is a thought provoking movie that encompasses the human spirit. It has adventure, mystery, drama and above all, true heart! I left the theater with a whole new appreciation and view on life,” said another premiere goer.

"Jenn's protrayal of Laura Reaper was especially compelling; she takes you on this roller coaster of emotions, complete with the drop in your stomach when you realize what all the story threads add up to! And you just go: "Wow!" The audience fell in love with her all over again as Jenn gracefully fielded deep, tough questions and inspired us with her passion for telling life-changing stories on screen,” says “In His Step” lead actress Rebekah Cook who also plays in “Christmas Grace” and worked with Gotzon in 3 movies.

NYC Acting Schoolmates Robbie Lavine and Jenn Gotzon
“Watching Jenn's character evolve throughout the story was riveting. Knowing her since we were young and roommates in NYC attending The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts made me feel a sense of pride. There was a deeper meaning to this story that really makes you think how important every soul is on this earth. The cast portrayed it brilliantly Amazing!!!" explained actress Robbie Lavine who teaches acting locally in Michigan and bi-coastal in Los Angeles and NYC.

Event hosts were Ginger Beggs and Rebecca Huey Krupp from Michigan. Rebecca and Gotzon met during the summer program at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in ’98 and have stayed in touch through facebook. Rebecca is currently involved with Motion Pictures in Michigan. Mandi Toan assisted as Jenn’s event & production coordinator.
Rebecca, Jenn, and Ginger

Radio host Ginger Beggs had this to say about the movie: “Never before has a film reached my soul without being invasive or offensive. “Doonby” captures your heart and mind from the beginning, showing the effects of light and dark in our world and how one life can cause a ripple in those effects. From loveable and also dark characters to the amazing twist ending, I was completely captured. If you leave the film without asking questions, then my advice is to watch it again. Provocative, thought-provoking, endearing, emotional and thrilling ride!" - Ginger Beggs, Host/Producer "TheOverdrive Show" on
Radio Air Jesus.

Event Photographers:
Amanda Beggs and Mikayla Steiger

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Thank you to Jenn Gotzon and Ginger Beggs for the previously written material.


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