Sunday, September 1, 2013

Season of a Lifetime

Word Films just released the Endorphin Entertainment  / Fisheye Media Productions inspirational documentary Season of a Lifetime on DVD. The film follows Greenville High football coach Jeremy Williams as he perseveres and inspires his team throughout their winning 2010 season in the face of his progressing ALS disease. For his final season as coach, Williams’ beloved small-town Greenville Patriots battle to the playoffs and adopt his never-surrender attitude. “Season of a Lifetime” is produced by Rick Cohen, Bob McAllister and Jason Haley and executive produced by Chris Pullaro. Cohen also served as director and editor of the film. (press release)


"Faith, Family, Football" is what is on the dvd cover, and that sums up the 3 most important things in Jeremy Williams life...and in the order of their importance. This documentary on the final coaching season of Greenville High School (GA) football coach, Jeremy Williams, due to ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) could be a tear-jerker that leaves you feeling sad. It is not! This is an inspiring story of one man who, while facing an incurable progressive neurodegenerative disease, continues to love his God, his family, his players, his friends, and puts others ahead of his own needs. Many would have given up after such devastating news, but Jeremy quickly went into action to do what was best for others. He surrounded himself with a community of family and friends who would work with him as a team to accomplish what needed done while he could still do it.

Interspersed with highlights of the games played during William's final season of coaching, we also see both his faith and family in action. He was still speaking at churches, encouraging others to trust in Jesus at all times, and taking part in activities that support ALS research. His family, though, are as amazing and strong as Williams himself. Jeremy's bravery is echoed by his wife, Jennifer, who says, “This is God’s story for the Williamses." Their son, Jacob, born with Spina Bifida, is confined to a wheelchair, but positive outlook, determination, and sheer joy made me smile several times. Daughter, Josey,is a remarkable young girl who cheerfully helps her dad and younger brother with tasks they are unable to do. Her giggles when Williams is teasing her about something prove her to be a loving cheerleader who is very proud of her dad and a loving caregiver, but one who still knows the joy of childhood. This is a family who knows how to lean on one another and their faith when things are rough.
The special features in this 89 minute dvd includes footage featuring images from Williams’ college days, footage of the 2009 Greenville football team and the “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” segment. If you are looking for a film on team spirit and about the importance of "going the distance", this is about a man who goes beyond expectations. Very inspirational.

I received a copy of this dvd at no charge from WORD in hopes I would review it. No expectations were given for a good review, but for an honest one. All opinions given were my own.

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The Williams family
July 2010

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