Monday, August 26, 2013

Alone Yet Not Alone by Tracy Leininger Craven

Alone Yet Not Alone is the novelization of an actual event in the lives of Tracy Leininger Craven's ancestors. The Leininger family emigrated from Germany, settling in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, where they worked to build a new life that had a firm foundation of family and faith.

Their lives were filled with hard work, but there was also joy found in simple pleasures and they lived in peace with all of their neighbors. However, tragedy struck unexpectedly with the beginning of the French and Indian War.
On Oct. 16, 1755, in what became known as the Penn's Creek Massacre, the lives of the Leininger sisters were changed forever. On that day, as their mother and one brother were away, members of the Delaware tribe attacked. The father and remaining brother were murdered as Barbara and Regina fled into the woods. Captured, they are forced to live with the Indians.

With strong faith in God and their close family bonds, even when they are forced to separate, Barbara and Regina hold firmly to the belief that they are never alone and that they will be reunited. Alone Yet Not Alone is an inspirational, fact-based story of a family who were victims of the French and Indian War, yet never wavered in the belief God would never leave them as captives or keep them apart.

My Review: This historical, fact-based book is filled with a lot of info to keep it interesting and a story line that is sure to keep the reader wanting to know more. Suitable for those in upper elementary school and up, it did keep my interest and I even researched more into other reports and writings of the actual event. This is a good book that could be part of a family discussion. (I think Family Book Club meetings and discussions are a wonderful activity!) With its strong focus on faith and family, plus the glimpse of another time in our nation's past, it is a book I recommend. Some parts may be a bit much for imaginative children, but the violence and scarier details are toned down.

I want to thank FlyBy Promotions for giving me a copy of this book for review purposes. I was only required to give an honest review, and all opinions are my own.

But, they are letting me do a...GIVEAWAY!! Flyby Promotions has a copy available to one reader of my blog. Simply leave a comment to be entered into a random drawing to be held Monday, Sept. 2nd, at 9pm (CDT)!

I don't have a copy of this (unfortunately), but I also want to add that Alone Yet Not Alone also has a film version that will be opening in select theaters in September before a wider opening in 2014. You can check to see if it is coming to a theater near you. (The films on Seatzy do need you to reserve your tickets in advance to guarantee a theater is booked.) Directed by Ray Bengston, the film's screenplay was written by James Richards and George Escobar and stars
Kelly Greyson, Natalie Racoosin, Clay Walker, Jenn Gotzon, Joanie Stewart, Ozzie Torres, and Tony Wade.

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 Tracy Leininger Craven loves history and retelling real-life stories in her historical fiction books. She also loves spending her free time in the great outdoors with her husband David and their four children.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, Thank you for this insightful review. I enjoyed reading it. I would love to read the book with our son. Thank you :)

Cindy Navarro said...

Lyn, I am assuming you are Anonymous. If it is someone else, you better speak up!! :)