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God's Country starring Jenn Gotzon

Beautiful and ambitious investment banker
Meghan Doherty (Jenn Gotzon) has an assignment to close a deal that could make her career. All she needs to
do is travel to the Mojave desert and get the land
rights for God’s Country, an isolated Christian
retreat in foreclosure. But the faithful minister (Michael Toland) who owns the property refuses to consider signing the property to Meghan's boss (Daniel Hugh Kelley) until she agrees to spend six days learning about his ministry. Reluctantly, Meghan trades her stilettos for hiking boots and her Ferrari for a four-wheeler. 

What happens during that fateful week is nothing short of a miracle as the fast-talking naysayer Meghan warms to the Ministry – and to the minister's son Jake (Gib Gerard). Cut off from contact with her office, the beauty-in-high-heels learns the true meaning and actions of faith and friendship, and slowly comes to realize the value of what the rural camp has to offer. Meghan becomes a staunch supporter who must now go up against her superiors in a bid to find another group of investors that will agree to fund Jake Graham’s dream of turning God’s Country into a next-generation Christian College campus.

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Directed by: Chris Armstrong (“God’s Country” is Chris’s feature film directorial debut, slotted to direct Sci-fi action thriller, a true-story baseball drama and a few family & faith-based films in development). God's Country shows that, with faith and love, it is never too late to learn where real riches can be found.  John Atterberry (Michael Jackson Music Exec.) wrote “God’s Country” inspired on true life events how he and his fiancĂ©-to-be came to know God through church camp. John was sadly killed in Hollywood before Christmas Dec 2011. Ref: The Hollywood Reporter (link).

You can pick up a copy NOW at Walmart, Blockbuster, Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Christian Book Stores and rental houses across the country.

MY REVIEW: I had not yet seen the film when I wrote this blog post originally, so I want to add that this film more than exceeded my hopes. Jenn Gotzon was fabulous in the lead role and watching her character's transformation throughout the film was a joy to watch. She was very believable in the dramatic moments and her comic timing was fabulous! The rest of the cast were equally as good and had wonderful chemistry. Gib Gerard was an excellent foil and love interest to Jenn's character and you know that there was no doubt that seasoned actors Michael Toland and Daniel Hugh Kelly had superb performances. The exuberance of Lenny (Kelvin Brown) and the sweet, idealistic Geri (Stephanie Barnes) really stood out to me and I also loved Meghan's mom (Suzanne Ford). Well done to all of the cast! I also want to say how impressed I was with director Chris Armstrong. Some of the scenes he captured were absolutely stunning, and the entire film was outstanding. (I can't think of even one instance where I thought "why did the director do it that way?" I am prone to do.) This was a fun film that had a message of faith, but filled with characters you knew would stand firm in their trust in God no matter what. 
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