Monday, October 22, 2012

ShapelyGirls Fitness DVD: Week 3


 Last week seemed to be more of a struggle than even the first. I had a lot going on with things I had to do, but also a lot of emotional and stressful issues I was dealing with...and not very well. So, I did not do as well as the previous week, but I didn't give up either. Monday through Friday, I did shortened versions of the dvd---sometimes until I simply had no energy left (or was interrupted again) and sometimes I did one of the pre-mix workouts. Those really are great, especially on days I just want something different. Saturday, I was at a family reunion, but did take advantage of the walking trails to get some exercise in...and a few minutes to myself; Having a reunion 2 weeks after the funeral of my aunt had many of us a bit tearful.

 Debra Mazda is good at encouraging others on the dvd to keep moving, so I did keep that in mind throughout the days I didn't want to do anything. Sunday was the only day I did nothing, but had a bit of an upset stomach, and exercise did not seem advisable. Today I read Debra's story on her blog: Fitness Comes In Many Sizes! and highly recommend it to others. Also check out ShapelyGirl Fitness on Facebook to find out more about Debra and the ShapelyGirl Fitness program and products.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Walking Fit and Fabulous by #ShapelyGirl Fitness. I was not required to write a positive review. I am on the #CWAReviewCrew.

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