Thursday, September 6, 2012

BTFS Interview With Renee O'Connor

Benjamin Dane, Renee O'Connor
 Beyond The Farthest Star actor/producer, Benjamin Dane, was able to enjoy a visit with the film's leading lady, Renee O'Connor during a recent stay in L.A.. As a special treat for the many fans of the film, they recorded a brief interview from questions that had been asked on the BTFS Facebook Fan Page by several of Renee's fans. Ranging from questions about her Awareness Seminars, her role as Gabrielle on Xena: Warrior Princess, and a more indepth look at her portrayal of Maurene Wells in Beyond The Farthest Star, Renee shares her thoughts on why she got involved with this film. Go to the BTFS FB page for a link to each of the 3 podcasts.

Todd Terry, Renee O'Connor
A brief synopsis for anyone who does not know: In BTFS, Renee is Maurene Wells, the wife of a pastor who has seen his former fame slip away over the years. Secrets, lies, and a family that is falling apart has taken an emotional toll on each member. Maurene tries to be the peacemaker while dealing with her own inner turmoil. This is sure to be a performance that will resonate with many.

Benjamin Dane
BTFS is also looking for more fans for their upcoming BTFS SCENE iT" Event. As soon as they reach 10, 000 fans, they will be showing a scene from the film exclusively for FB fans. Do you want to see a hint of danger? A scene with the stars? How about a glimpse of restoration? you want to know more of the storyline? Find the Question on the page and give your opinion. Also tell your friends!! There is also a feature called Bring It! that will let the distributors know which areas want this film the most Watch the video below as writer/director Andrew Librizzi and Benjamin explain how you can Bring It to YOUR local cinema:

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Also, remember that Bodie and Brock Thoene wrote a successful novelization of the screenplay. You can buy the book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other great retailers.

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