Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jenn Gotzon

Jenn Gotzon is a talented, hard-working actress who currently has several films in pre- or post-production or are complete and will be released soon. She went from murder mystery dinner theater to landing bit parts in a variety of  films, including Scenario For Delirium (written and directed by Chris Armstrong, founder of Elysian Pictures and the man whom she married 4 years later.) However, it was the role of Tricia Nixon in the film Frost/Nixon that was pivotal in her acting career. That was also the year she won the "Rising Star" award at Wildwood By The Sea Film Festival for her body of work and "Best Actress" at the 168 Hour Film Film for the short film Stained , which also won Best Film for that year (2008).

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Jenn uses her Christian faith, along with the faith-based, family, and/or redemptive films she stars in as part of her ministry, Inspiring Audiences. This is the motivational program she uses to educate and encourage others to discover what they are most passionate about and to pursue it. This method of using lessons that her character learned during the course of the film provides a visual that the audience can easily relate to and utilize in their own lives. However, I have heard from several people who have acted in films with Jenn who say this is just part of who she is every day. The impact she made in their lives and others on the set proves that she 'practices what she preaches'.

I had planned on doing just a quick write-up on Jenn, but she is so multi-faceted that I am still doing research. It is hard to focus on just one or two of her accomplishments. Keeping in mind that she has so many films that have captured my attention, I have decided to make this the first in a series. The focus of each will be around one of those films.

In the photo above, you will see some of the films Jenn has coming out soon. All of them look fantastic, so look for future blogs on each of these very soon!

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