Monday, June 4, 2012

Tooting Your Own Horn

Perhaps the title is a bit misleading. This isn't a blog on bragging, by me or by someone else. This is more of a vent. We all have those little things that annoy us, and for me it is the use, or to be more accurate...the misuse of a car horn.

For a while I was walking quite a bit, but fell out of the habit. Well, after renewing my commitment to start again, I have quickly been reminded of one of the things I dislike about it. It is more convenient for me to walk along the sidewalk of a fairly busy road, and I prefer to walk at night. Without fail, I can guarantee at least one person will blow their horn.

There is one reason to blow your horn at me that is acceptable: You are about to hit me with your vehicle!! I am careful to look both ways before crossing the street, but perhaps your car is out of control. Or, chances are that you may not know that I have no intention of stepping out in front of a speeding piece of machinery. A bit paranoid, but okay.

 If you know me, I'm sorry, but I can pretty much guarantee I won't have a clue who YOU are...unless you drive something very the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile! Even then, I really prefer not to be honked at. These are usually prayer walks too, and I have to stop, repent my thoughts, and forgive you before continuing my conversation with the Lord.
If you don't know me, or for those who live in other areas and just like to honk at strangers, PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS FASCINATION TO ME!! 

While I am on the subject, the car horn is used appropriately to warn of impending danger. It is NOT or shouldn't be used to express annoyance. Again, I don't see the point.

Honestly, my distaste for the car horn is not reserved for when I am walking. If I am at home, and you show up UNEXPECTED and UNINVITED, DO NOT BLOW YOUR HORN and expect ME to come outside unless you meet one of the following exceptions:
  1.  You are physically disabled and need assistance.
  2.  A passenger in your car cannot be left unattended and has good reason to stay in the car. You know...a sleeping infant, etc.
  3.  There is an animal or snake (or, in the case of one of my sons...Itsy Bitsy Spider is on your car window! *sigh*) between the car and you. I won't go out either if there is a angry animal or a snake...but I will call someone to come remove it. I can handle spiders! LOL!
Ok, rant is over!!  I just haven't done many random thoughts lately. I was going to do my latest cooking disaster, but returned from walk still annoyed about car horns. So, if you see me walking down the can tell me about it later. :)


deborahseeley54 said...

Oh Cindyloo, I love it when you rant....but I think that there might be two other instances where you just might come out to a vehicle that is blowing it's horn. Like say for instance if it was a the "OFFICIAL "BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR" mobile bringing you the very first copy of "BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR" or A roaming van that was chocked full of your very favorite flavors of COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! :P

buggin said...

I bought land from my old landlord. Everytime I have someone working, he has a question, or just feels the need, etc he zooms up my drive goes past my cars (where he should park) and drives into my back yard. During the trip of my driveway he lays on the horn. This is always unexpected visits which he never calls before. Now I just rolled with it for the 7 years I rented from him, but I own my land and home now and after the 3 rd time I was fed up. So I told him you could call before you come or at least extend me the curtosy of knocking on my door. How deranged do you have to be to think im in the wrong for bringing this up? He flipped out screamed at me while my 6 yr old stands behind me (i didnt know) with his wife in the car saying his name to calm him, continues to cuss me while revving his car and then spins out of my back yard. Now tire mud tracks left behind, im pissed, hes pissed, and he never got to ask his question. Maybe he will think twice b4 doing that again. I know I wont be going back to the door no matter who does the honking. in the words of an unwise man from southpark.... "RESPECT MY AUTHORITY" or dont come to MY home.

Cindy said...

Obviously, I agree with you. Another thing that annoys me is for people to drop by without warning. :)

It is just so rude to expect me to drop what I am doing because you are too ill-mannered to contact me and make arrangements. I don't even like my family to do this. If you don't live here (or pay my bills, at least, you do not have the right to drop by...or just walk through the if it is your right.