Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"By Faith, Not By Sight" by Scott MacIntyre

A moving story of hope, faith, persistence and the power of dreams.A piano prodigy, a nineteen-year-old college grad, a Marshall scholar, and an American Idol finalist. This guy had it made. He could sing. He could ski blind. What couldn’t he do? Even if you saw him in concert, you might not believe that Scott MacIntyre is blind, and you’d never guess that at nineteen, he faced a diagnosis that rocked his family and nearly took his life.
So how did he do it? How did he overcome the odds?
This is Scott’s story, but he’d be the first to tell you that it’s not really about him. This is the story of how God used a dedicated family, a selfless acquaintance, hardship, and a host of characters to give him life, faith, determination, and experiences most can only imagine.
Peek behind the scenes to see how he learned to overcome his disability, how he made it in the music industry, how he found the love of his life, and how God taught him that in all things, we can truly achieve our dreams By Faith, Not by Sight. (book cover)

Listen as Scott reads the first chapter:

Since I am not a regular viewer of American Idol, I only vaguely remembered seeing  Scott perform, but knew he was a very gifted performer. The odds he overcame to reach this platform are amazing to read though. Legally blind since birth, and homeschooled, he was able to attend college by the time he was 14.  His parents taught him to be as self-reliant as possible and took every step to help their musically gifted son to excel. Scott's parents and his two younger siblings (sister, Katelyn is also blind) are a remarkable family who work, play, and pray together and are very cognizant of being supportive to one another. The love shown and sacrifices made as Scott continued to grow as a musician and a scholar, while battling kidney failure are a testament to their commitment as a family and to Christ as true source of their strength. Even while he was involved with American Idol, his sister was going through the same need for a kidney transplant Scott had undergone earlier.

Some of the chapters covered a bit of old ground too much, as though each could have been used as a separate magazine article, but it was an interesting read. For fans of American Idol, there is a bit of background info that is fun to know. For those who struggle with disabilities, it is a powerful story of how perseverance, prayer, and support of loved ones can enable you to have a fulfilling life despite obstacles. I think Scott is an extraordinary person, and may be a bit hard to live up to, but still an inspiration. His faith, determination, good humor, and ability to meet each challenge head-on will leave you cheering.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided to me by the BookSneeze Blogger’s program in exchange for an honest review.

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