Monday, December 26, 2011

Natalie & Jonny Gore

Natalie Gore is listed as Production Staff on the set of Beyond The Farthest Star but she and her brother, Jonny also played a huge role in one of the songs done on the set. In the film, Anne Wells (Cherami Leigh) is the Goth daughter of Pastor Adam and Maureen Wells (Todd Terry, Renee' O'Connor). Anne, along with Steven (Tyler Corie), Kyle (Shawn Roe), and Clifford (Jordan Walker Ross) have a band that plays what Adam refers to as "vampire music".

Writer/director Andrew Librizzi gave a poem to Natalie and Jonny and asked them to write a song for the band. Watch the video to hear Natalie & Jonny talk about it:

Natalie and Jonny are the children of Rob and Toni Escobedo Gore of Faith Fellowship Church of McKinney, TX. In the video below, you can see that their mom also has a beautiful voice as she sings with Natalie...and below that is a funny, loving tribute from Jonny to his mom. :)

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