Friday, December 2, 2011

Caden Gibson

Caden Gibson has a small, but crucial appearance in Beyond The Farthest Star in a photograph as young Kyle Tucker (Shawn Roe). This photo of Kyle with his best friend, Stephen, brings memories of a happy time that was shared with the 2 friends. One of these friends has this keepsake and it plays a vital role in the film as the friends begin to have a rift in their relationship.

Out of curiosity, I asked how Caden Gibson and Shane Shuma were chosen for their roles. Producer, Benjamin Dane, responded with, " I think the story on how we found the two boys is interesting. Natalie Gore knew their parents and the boys were friends. I believe the families went to Natalie's church. She called them in the middle of shooting and had the boys come out to the on location set near Leonard. We took the photo the same day."

Caden's mom recently shared with me that what she remembered the most of Caden's thoughts on his time on the film set is that "it was really cold" (the boys are shirtless in the photo), but that it was an "awesome" experience. Hopefully, this first small taste of acting has given him an appetite to do more in the entertainment industry. It will be interesting to see where this new interest leads him.

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