Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lou Beatty Jr

 Lou Beatty Jr.  gives a moving performance in his film role as Joseph Harrison. Pastor Adam Wells (Todd Terry) is embroiled with a legal matter with Senator John Cutter (Andrew Prine) over the burning of the nativity that was set up in the Leonard, Texas town square.  Joseph Harrison, a man who has a uniquely personal and profound connection that reaches back many years in their past, is the lawyer who comes in to represent Wells.  In one of the more powerful moments in Beyond The Farthest Star, Harrison hands over a file to Adam, representing the facts of Adam's life, and shares a heartfelt moment that impacted his own life. As the voice of reason, grace and compassion, this is a performance that will long be remembered.

 Lou Beatty Jr., is a thirty year veteran of movies, stage, TV, commercials, and print ads. Just a few of his television roles have been on popular shows such as Dynasty, Hunter, Boston Legal, and NCIS. I was also delighted to find the following scene from ER.:

Among his many film credits are Fight Club, Van Wilder, and Fast And Furious. Beside BTFS , other current projects include Geezers! and The Black Dove.  Lou has also done stage plays, including, Howlin Blues and Dirty Dogs, North on South Central, and Let Freedom Ring. To find out more of the highlights of this marvelous entertainer, go to the following sites:

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