Thursday, November 10, 2011

Andrew Prine

 Andrew Prine is cast in Beyond The Farthest Star as Senator John Cutter. Now that he is no longer an active member of the Senate, he is refurbishing the sleepy town of Leonard, Texas for his wife. Pledging to restore it's crumbling main street, the powerful former US Senator knew he had the little town of Leonard in his grasp.  However, despite his outward appearance as a public servant, there is a dark side to the senator. In a pivotal scene that is sure to spark conversation and conflict, Senator Cutter is the one responsible for burning the Nativity!

It will be very interesting to see how this is played out on the screen! He isn't about to allow some TV evangelist want-to-be to draw away the citizens or his wife with empty promises of faith. He was willing to do anything it takes to accomplish his goal. What IS the secret he knows that can destroy the Wells family?

Andrew Prine as Senator John Cutter

Andrew Prine has such an illustrious, enduring acting career on stage and in movies and television that I honestly could not decide which of his roles to list. He has over 173 roles listed in his credits and the list of film legends he has worked with is incredible! Mr. Prine is definitely a man of many talents and I am eagerly anticipating to see his performance as Senator Cutter.

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