Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going Fishin'?

While trying to get closets cleaned and junk tossed out this week, I came across our fish bowl. I thought about just donating it somewhere, but... the more often I glance at it, the more I am leaning toward getting another fish. Now I just have to decide whether I want goldfish (& how many) or if I want another betta fish.

My youngest son received goldfish for his 5th birthday. I finally convinced David to quit reaching his hand in the bowl to pet his new friends, but I neglected to consider his generous nature and desire to share. Sometime during the night, he apparently realized his new fish had not gotten any of his birthday cake. He couldn't get to it, so he just squirted a dollop of the canned red icing into the bowl. Fortunately, I was the first to discover the floating fish in the "Red Sea". It literally looked like a "bloodbath".

20 years later, I was ready to get another fish. The grandkids were so small when I got the betta fish, my son, Jason, put it up very high. Since I couldn't reach it either, that poor fish never had a chance for survival. It was safe from little fingers, but no one was tall enough to change the water. Jason just didn't visit often enough, so I guess I can blame him! Poor fish!!

Then about 18 months ago, I got Cody 3 goldfish. At first he truly loved Jimmy, Bearcat, & Emily, although  Jimmy was definitely his favorite. Sadly, Jimmy was the first to meet his demise. Cody was sad, but we had a proper burial in the yard underneath a beautiful flowering bush. Cody's interest in the fish also began to diminish and Bearcat's death was met with an indifferent, "Get rid of it."

That left just me and Emily...and we began to bond. Since the care of Emily was obviously now my job, I moved her bowl to the table where I would do my daily Bible reading, letter writing, & other projects. Each time I sat at the table, Emily would swim over to that side of her bowl and begin moving her mouth as if speaking to me. It really was funny. Okay, perhaps the more bizarre, was my habit of talking back. :)

One day, it was a Tuesday, I came home from The Caring Center, and headed toward the kitchen. I was going to eat lunch at the table and "talk" to Emily. To my shock, the bowl was empty!! There was no sign of Emily anywhere, and you just don't hear of people breaking in to steal a 47 cent goldfish. Unfortunately, I found the lifeless body of Emily under the table. I have never been sure if it was an accident or a suicide? Was she trying to follow me? Was she trying to escape? This is a mystery that will never be solved.

Now back to my decision: Red fish, blue fish, goldfish, no fish?

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